Scott Sabourin knocked out cold after collision with David Backes

Scott Sabourin gives thumbs up as he is taken off ice in stretcher after collision with David Backes 11/2/2019

Ottawa Senators right winger Scott Sabourin was knocked out cold after a scary collision with Boston Bruins right winger David Backes during Saturday's game at the TD Garden.

It happened in the first period as Backes was clearing the puck down the ice. Sabourin tried to knock him into the boards, but bumped heads with Backes as they collided. Sabourin was unconscious as he fell to the ice. Backes saw him out cold and immediately called for the training staff.

The crowd grew quiet as Sabourin was placed on a stretcher. All players from both teams came off the bench to check on him as he was carried off the ice. Sabourin was able to give a thumbs-up to let people know he will be OK.

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