Alfonso Ribiero impersonates Chris Paul in new State Farm commercials

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul gets reduced to a supporting role in the latest round of State Farm commercials that began airing during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The series of ads features actor Alfonso Ribiero as "The New Chris Paul" where he tries to play himself off as the real CP3. With the exception of a small resemblance, his impersonation doesn't work - not even a little.

In this ad, Ribiero tries to film "The New Chris Paul Workout Show" but shatters a window while demonstrating a crossover with a barbell. Hilarity ensues as the real CP3 shows up and he jumps through a pane glass door.

Ribiero steals the show in this ad as he tries to steal CP3's parking space.

The tagline: "There's no replacing the real Chris Paul, just like there's no replacing State Farm."

[State Farm Insurance]
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