Greg McElroy steals Cris Collinsworth slide to open XFL Week 2 broadcast

Greg McElroy steals Cris Collinsworth slide XFL 2/15/2020

XFL analyst Greg McElroy tried to steal Cris Collinsworth's signature Sunday Night Football "slide" move to open the broadcast of Saturday's XFL Week 2 matchup between the New York Guardians and the D.C. Defenders.

Play-by-play man Steve Levy opened up the broadcast with a Collinsworth tweet with a positive review of XFL's Week 1 action.

That provided the perfect setup for McElroy to slide in from the right side of the screen next to Levy to mark his first appearance of the game, prompting Levy's deadpan reaction: "Really?"

McElroy's slide was not executed as smoothly as Collinsworth's trademark move used with Al Michaels during SNF broadcasts. As it happens, Collinsworth was watching and made sure to point that out with his review: "C’mon Greg it’s not a shoulder bump."

For those of us watching at home, it was hilarious. It's moments like this that give us hope that the XFL can succeed.
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