Coach K featured in new Capital One commercials

Mike Krzyzewski stars in Capital One commercial

Duke Blue Devils men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski stars in a new set of commercials for Capital One that began airing on February 29th, just in time for March Madness 2020.

In the new 30-second ad, which also stars NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and director Spike Lee, Coach K is very impressed by the savings rate at Capital One, which claims to be 5 times the national average. As Barkley points out, Krzyzweski has won five NCAA championships at Duke. That would explain why Coach K thinks "5 times" is a big deal.

In the end, it would seem that Coach K gets a bit too excited and loses his head for a second:
"Five times? That's outstanding basketball...I mean, banking."
Of course, Coach K is just reading what's in the script, and we're sure that the paycheck he's getting for this ad makes it worth looking a little silly.

There's also a shortened version of the ad, which only takes 15 seconds and looks like this:

[Capital One]
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