Charles Barkley makes guest appearance on SNL 'What Up With That'

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was one of the special guests in the "What Up With That: At Home" talk show sketch during this week's episode of Saturday Night Live (At Home).

With the cast and crew of SNL unable to use the studios at Rockefeller Center for a live show, the sketch amounted to a Zoom conference call with Barkley and DJ Khaled as the celebrity guests. However, the gag in this recurring sketch (making its return to SNL for the first time since 2015) is that host DeAndre Cole (played by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson) does most of the talking...and singing.

With the hot topic in sports being the Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance", Barkley was asked what it was like to play against Jordan in the 1993 NBA Finals and play with him on the 1992 "Dream Team". Barkley said that it was special, and the documentary is excellent. Barkley wanted to tell a story about something that wasn't in the documentary, but Cole couldn't help interrupt him and break into song again.

Before you know it, the show was over, so Barkley never got to tell his story. We know Barkley has stories about Jordan. They both like to golf, and they both like to gamble. According to Barkley, Jordan once bet $300K on a hole in golf. Must be nice to have that much money.

It's unfortunate that there are no sports to watch right now. The lack of sports is hurting everyone - the players, the owners, the fans, the sportsbooks... everyone. We are hoping that sports come back in some way, shape or form. If the games have to be without fans, at least we can watch them on television. The ratings virtual NFL Draft and the Michael Jordan documentary are proving that fans are desperate for sports to come back. Hopefully it will be soon.

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