George Kittle offers NFL Draft tips in Bud Light Seltzer commercial

George Kittle stars in Bud Light Seltzer ad

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle stars in a new commercial for Bud Light Seltzer where he offers a preview of some of his top tips for NFL draft prospects.

The ad was released by Bud Light on Friday as teams prepared for the second and third rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft. Kittle was the 146th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and it's safe to say that the Niners got their money's worth with him.

Kittle previews some of the topics he plans to cover in "Bud Light Seltzer presents: 146 Draft Tips" such as acceptance speeches, awkward hugs, and "Are sweatpants OK?"

We hope there is at least one follow-up to this ad. If Kittle supposedly has 146 draft tips, we should at least have the opportunity to hear one or two of them. It has the potential to be hilarious.

On a serious note, the end of the commercial promotes a worthwhile cause, as Kittle encourages fans to donate money to COVID-19 relief efforts through the NFL Draft-a-Thon.

UPDATE: On Saturday, Bud Light released a series of 15-second shorts with George Kittle expanding on his NFL Draft tips for prospects.

TIP #4: Lighting

TIP #7: Technical Difficulties

TIP #11: Air Hugs

TIP #13: Nerves

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