Shaquille O'Neal stars in reality series 'Shaq Life'

Shaquille O

Pro basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal is the star of a new reality series which covers all aspects of his life. The TNT original series premiers as back-to-back episodes tonight and is appropriately titled "Shaq Life".

The series will highlight his family life and his various interests outside of basketball, including his DJ Diesel persona, his business dealings (such as serving as a board member of Papa John's), and his collection hobbies and "toys".  The official trailer includes several quotes from O'Neal himself to give a glimpse of his personality:
  • "I have four championships. I have six kids. I come from a place where I had nothing, and just because I have more than the average guy doesn't mean I'm better than the average guy."
  • "I don't care who it is when it comes to competitions. Kids, babies - I never lose."
  • "At age 13, I believed I could be anything. I'm not gonna stop now."
"Shaq Life" promises to be a lot of fun.

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