Army OL Mike Johnson headbutts coach with helmet on

Army Black Knights offensive lineman Mike Johnson was a little too pumped up during Saturday's game against Cincinnati, and one of his assistant coaches paid the price. 

It happened during a timeout Army's opening offensive drive of the second half. With Cincinnati holding a 10-7 lead, Army had just converted a 3rd-and-9 for a first down at the Cincinnati 42-yard line. As the Army players came towards the sideline for the timeout, Johnson found fullback coach Mike Viti and gave him a huge headbutt. Johnson was wearing a helmet. Viti was not. 

Watch the video closely here, courtesy of ESPN. It happens on the right side of the video at the 1-second mark.

Viti was clearly a bit woozy in the seconds after the headbutt. He seemed to be shake the cobwebs off after about a minute, but appeared to have a small cut on his cheek from the impact of the helmet. 

In addition to Viti being knocked silly, the headbutt by Johnson seemed to bring Army some negative karma. On the very next play after the timeout, Army turned the ball over on a fumble by Christian Anderson. Cincinnati took the ball and scored on their offensive drive, making the score 17-7. The 22nd-ranked Black Knights would never recover as 14th-ranked Cincinnati won the game 24-10.

Hopefully next time, Johnson can keep the physical contact to opposing players on the field. 

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