Myles Garrett takes down Dwayne Haskins by his undershirt

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett took down Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins by his undershirt during Sunday's game at FirstEnergy Stadium. It happened during a Washington offensive drive in the first half. As Haskins dropped back to pass, Garrett was able to beat lineman Geron Christian Sr. Haskins nearly escaped as Garrett lost his footing, but Garrett managed to grab a hold of Haskins' undershirt as he went down. The undershirt was so long that Garrett was able to grab it with both hands as he lay on the ground, and Haskins was unable to break free as the resistance was just too much for him. Television announcers attributed the play to Myles Garrett's athletic ability, which was definitely a factor here, but we have a different take on this: How huge is Dwayne Haskins' undershirt? Look how long that shirt stretched out. Is it size 3XL? Garrett doesn't need the help. We recommend that Haskins wear smaller undershirts for the rest of the season. [LBS]
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