Fernando Tatis Jr. loses track of count, thinks he walked on 2-2 pitch

Fernando Tatis Jr. loses track of count, D-backs vs Padres, 6/25/2021
San Diego Padres superstar shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. was caught losing track of the count during Friday's game against Arizona. 

It happened during his at-bat in the bottom of the eighth inning. As the 2-2 pitch from D-backs reliever Matt Peacock came in a bit inside, Tatis was ready to toss his bat aside as he began to walk towards first base.

Fortunately, he quickly realized that the pitch was not ball four, so he smoothly walked backwards to home plate as if he knew all along that the count was 3-2. 

Tatis ended up grounding out to shortstop in the at-bat. However, Padres fans were more than willing to forgive Tatis Jr. for his counting mishap, considering that he had already hit 3 home runs (and a single) in the game with 4 RBIs. Tatis finished the game 4-for-5 as the Padres beat the Diamondbacks 11-5

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