Fan catches foul ball barehanded while holding two beers at Angels game

Fan at Angels-Blue Jays game grabs foul ball barehanded while holding beers, 5/29/2022

A baseball fan displayed some impressive skill during Sunday's Los Angeles Angels game as they caught a foul ball barehanded while holding two beers.

It happened in the bottom of the fourth inning with two outs and the Angels holding an 8-6 lead over the visiting Toronto Blue Jays. Angels batter Jared Walsh fouled off a 3-2 pitch into the second row of the upper deck on the third base side. The man, who was holding two cans of Modelo in his left hand, managed to reach back with his right hand and snagged the ball. His momentum carried him backwards into the seats behind him, but he managed to hold onto the baseball and not spill his beers.

The nearby fans gave him a standing ovation, and deservedly so. Some team may have to give him a contract!


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