IronPigs SS Yairo Muñoz ejected for tossing shin guard (Video)

IronPigs shortstop Yairo Munoz ejected for tossing shin guard, Red Sox vs. IronPigs, 5/29/2022

In Triple-A minor league baseball action, Lehigh Valley IronPigs shortstop Yairo Munoz was ejected from Sunday's game against Worcester when he tossed his shin guard in the direction of the home plate umpire after drawing a walk.

It happened in the bottom of the fifth inning with two outs and two men on as the opposing Red Sox held a 5-0 lead. Munoz was wearing a shin guard during his at-bat and he untied it after drawing ball four. As he began his trot towards first base, Munoz tossed the shin guard down on home plate and it bounced towards the home plate umpire, who took it personally and tossed Munoz from the game. Munoz was halfway down the first base line before he turned around to figure out what had happened.

IronPigs manager Anthony Contreras tried to argue on behalf of Munoz, but the home plate umpire explained to Contreras "He threw it right at me." Contreras continued to argue, and the home plate umpire did not like what he said, so Contreras was also ejected. As the argument continued and got more heated, the crew chief had to step in and separate Contreras from the home plate umpire.

Based on our view, it did not appear that Munoz intentionally threw the shin guard at the home plate umpire. Seems like the umpire was a bit too sensitive in this case.

The IronPigs were able to get two runs home in the fifth, but were unable to build upon that as they failed to score for the rest of the game. Meanthile, the Red Sox were able to extend their lead later in the game and locked up the 10-2 victory


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