Eli Manning defeats Arch Manning in juggling match (Video)

Eli Manning vs. Arch Manning in juggling

After retiring from professional football, Eli Manning has had more time to pursue other interests, with one of those apparently being juggling.

On Wednesday evening, Manning touted his juggling skill with a video on Twitter showing him winning a head-to-head match against his nephew Arch Manning. Arch is a top high school quarterback prospect in the class of 2023 who recently committed to play for the University of Texas, so he is building a resume on his athletic skills.

The video shows Eli and Arch juggling three apples each, and Arch starts off well enough, but could only keep things under control for a few seconds before dropping them. Meanwhile, Eli stayed steady throughout the video, displaying the calm of a true veteran.

Arch has nothing to be ashamed of, but Eli couldn't resist taunting him in the tweet with "Rookie!!" 


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