Padres game interrupted by streaker

Streaker at San Diego Padres game, 7/29/2022
Friday night's San Diego Padres game against the visiting Minnesota Twins was briefly interrupted by a streaker running onto the field.

The streaker, who by multiple reports was not completely nude, was initially able to stay ahead of two security guards with his speed before some additional security arrived on the scene to cut him off. The streaker changed direction and displayed some impressive moves by slipping to the ground and changing direction to avoid a couple of security guards. Eventually, however, there was enough security to close in on him and take him down.

We would imagine this fan will be banned from future Padres games, as well has having to pay a fine and possibly spending the night in jail. Will he say it was worth it?

As far as Padres fans, not only did they enjoy the entertainment from the streaker, but they enjoyed the play of the home team, who hit 5 home runs on the way to a 10-1 victory over the Twins.

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