Brayden McNabb crushes Carl Grundstrom with tremendous hit (Video)

Brayden McNabb crushes Carl Grundstrom, Golden Knights vs. Kings, 10/11/2022
Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Brayden McNabb took down Los Angeles Kings right winger Carl Grundstrom with a huge hit during Tuesday's NHL season opener at the Arena.

It happened with 6:27 remaining in the first period as the Kings held a 1-0 lead. Grundstrom took possession of the puck, skated to center ice and dumped the puck into the Golden Knights zone when he was laid out by McNabb with a clean hit. Grundstrom fell to the ice and his stick flew into the booth of sideline reporter Leah Hextall. Grundstrom got back up right away, but was forced to head to the bench until play was stopped. A referee retrieved the stick from Hextall while she was in the middle of a live report.

McNabb destroys opponents with clean hits on a regular basis, so that will clearly continue thi season. McNabb was credited with three hits for the game as the Golden Knights beat the Kings 4-3. [SportsNet]
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