Rams LB Bobby Wagner lights up streaker near sideline vs. Niners (Video)

Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner takes down streaker, Rams vs. Niners, 10/3/2022
Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner helped out Levi's Stadium security as he trucked a streaker who ran onto the field during Monday night's game against San Francisco.

It happened in the final minute of the second quarter. The unidentified streaker was outrunning security as they ran across the field, leaving a trail of pink smoke in his wake. The streaker tried to change direction near the Rams sideline when Wagner provided an assist and knocked them to the ground, allowing security to grab the fan and escort them off the field.

Here is an overhead view of the incident:

This is the second time this season that streakers with pink smoke have interrupted a Rams game. Very strange.

Normally, NFL television broadcasts do not show streakers on the field, opting to cut away from them in order to discourage the behavior. However, the ESPN2 Manningcast of Monday Night Football did not let the incident go unnoticed and actually found the ground-level view of Wagner's takedown:

Now that's what you call entertainment - on multiple levels. The analysis of Wagner's hit on the streaker by Peyton and Eli Manning was almost as funny as the SNL parody of the Manningcast last week. [@gifdsports]
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