Streakers with pink flares interrupt Bills-Rams in NFL season opener

Streakers interrupt Bills-Rams game, 9/8/2022
Thursday night's NFL season opener between the Los Angeles Rams and visiting Buffalo Bills was interrupted by two female streakers carrying flares that gave off pink smoke.

It happened with 8:57 remaining in the game, with the Bills firmly in control as they held a 31-10 lead over the Rams. One of the streakers ran towards the Bills offensive huddle with her flare and was tackled by security just a few yards away from the players. She dragged her feet while two security guards carried her off the field. We were unable to read the message on the back of her T-shirt. There was another flare dropped in the end zone by the other streaker that was picked up by security.

Here are multiple angles of the incident:

This year we have also seen incidents of streakers at baseball games, and now even NBA games are being halted due to rogue fans. We do not condone this behavior, as it encourages more fans to follow their lead and sets a bad example for kids at home. Security personnel at pro sporting events may need to step up their game in order to prevent more of these disturbances from happening.

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