Streaker takes center court at Rockets game

Streaker on center court at Houston Rockets game, 4/1/2022
Friday night's Houston Rockets game against the visiting Sacramento Kings was briefly interrupted when a streaker ran out to center court. 

It happened midway through the third quarter as the streaker, dressed in only black sneakers, black socks and a stars-and-stripes thong, made his appearance. It is unclear how the streaker made it that far without anyone noticing a man stripping out of his clothes and heading towards the court.  It certainly seems that the security team at Toyota Center was caught napping.

The streaker managed to "entertain" the crowd with a few seconds of dancing before security finally caught up with him and wrestled him down to the floor.
Once he was down, the streaker did not stand up voluntarily, so security literally lifted him off the floor and carried him off the court. 

In the end, the Kings beat the Rockets 122-117, so the streaker did not bring good luck to the home team. We would expect this man to be banned from the Toyota Center for life.

DISCLAIMER:  Holdout Sports does not condone streaking.
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