NYCFC midfielder Santiago Rodriguez sells foul call with incredible flop

Santiago Rodriguez massive flop, Toronto FC vs. NYCFC, 4/2/2022
NYCFC midfielder Santiago Rodriguez helped earn his team a free kick in the defensive half with some shameless theatrics during Saturday's Major League Soccer match against Toronto FC. 

It happened in the 75th minute as Rodriguez was jockeying for position with Toronto FC midfielder Michael Bradley on a free kick from deep in the NYCFC defensive end. As Rodriguez tried to establish control of the ball, Bradley pulled on his shoulder, leading Rodriguez to throw himself backwards on the ground with a massive flop to sell the call to the nearby official. 

The embellishment worked, as the official called the foul on Bradley and awarded NYCFC a free kick.  Too bad it came too late to win an Oscar this year, although that could have earned him a slap from Will Smith.

Toronto had the last laugh, however, as they won the match 2-1, while the defending MLS champion NYCFC continues their slow start with their third loss in their first five matches to start the 2022 season.
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