Tim Stutzle strikes Simon Benoit in face with butt end of stick (Video)

Tim Stutzle hits Simon Benoit in face with butt end of stick, Senators vs. Ducks, 11/25/2022
Ottawa Senators left winger Tim Stutzle hit Anaheim Ducks defenseman Simon Benoit in the face with the butt end of his stick during Friday night's NHL game at the Honda Center.

It happened in the second minute of the game as Stutzle and Benoit chased a puck into the corner of the Ducks zone. Benoit knocked Stutzle into the boards, and as they became untangled, Stutzle spun around and used the butt end of his stick to strike Benoit in the side of the face, knocking him down to the ice.

A referee blew the whistle immediately and Stutzle was led to the penalty box, but surprisingly was only given a two minute minor for roughing. Meanwhile, Benoit was slow to get up, but he was able to skate back to the Ducks bench and stayed in the game.

Stutzle scored a power play goal in the second period, and the Senators blew out the Ducks 5-1. Wonder if Stutzle celebrated the victory with some gummy bears. [SportsNet]

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