Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon accidentally spills courtside fan's beer (Video/GIF)

Boston Celtics point guard Malcolm Brodgon accidentally spilled a courtside fan's cup of beer during Thursday night's game in Indiana.

It happened a few minutes into the second quarter with the Celtics holding a 39-36 lead. Pacers guard Bennedict Mathurin was running up the court with the ball trying to score a fast break bucket. Brogdon was able to keep pace on defense, but was forced to commit the foul on Mathurin in order to stop the easy layup.

Unfortunately, Brogdon's backwards momentum on the play carried him into the front row, where a courtside fan was holding two cups of beer. Brogdon did his best to avoid the front row, but was unable to keep his balance and fell into some empty seats, knocking a full cup of beer out of the courtside fan's hand in the process.

The good news was that the other cup of beer that the fan was holding remained mostly intact. The bad news was that some beer from that cup spilled onto Brodgon's uniform, meaning that Brogdon would need a change of clothes at some point. Hopefully the Celtics equipment manager came prepared.

The game was paused briefly while the edge of the court was cleaned up. Players on both teams got a good laugh at Brogdon's expense.

We hope that someone on the Celtics or Pacers picked up the tab for the fan to get a replacement beer, as we all know those can be pretty expensive. However, fans pay a lot of money for those front row seats, and they are willing to accept the risk that NBA players could fall into the crowd and spill their beer. That's just part of the game.


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