Dog Takes Dump On Court During Louisville Halftime Show (Video)

Dog takes dump on court, Virginia Tech vs. Louisville, 2/28/2023

The halftime show during Tuesday night's Louisville men's basketball game came to an abrupt end when a dog took a dump on the court.

The dog was the featured halftime entertainment for the nearly 12,000 in attendance as it was catching frisbees that were tossed by its trainer. Apparently it couldn't wait until after the show to do its business, catching the trainer completely off guard.

The trainer scrambled to yank the dog off the court, but it was too late. Hopefully the trainer was directly involved in cleaning up the mess.

Fortunately, this did not occur in the middle of game action, or it could have been a lengthy interruption. Believe it or not, we have seen a dog pooped on a field during a soccer match in Argentina back in 2014.

The dog's accident pretty well sums up what has been a terrible season for the Cardinals. Louisville proceeded to lose the game to Virginia Tech 71-54, bringing their record to an abysmal 4-26 on the season. The only consolation for Louisville at this point is that the season is almost over.

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