Marcus Morris wears unsuitable hat during Clippers game

Marcus Morris wears unsuitable hat, Clippers vs. Warriors, 3/2/2023
Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris wore a baseball cap with a phrase unsuitable for younger NBA fans during Thursday night's game against Golden State.

Morris was on the bench wearing street clothes as he sat out the game due to a left elbow contusion. In the fourth quarter, TNT cameras captured a close-up of Morris on the bench with a cap featuring the phrase "F*** Off Respectfully". The curse word was covered up by what appeared to be a piece of orange tape.

We have to guess that Morris censored his hat himself, or someone from the Clippers or the NBA told him to take care of it. It makes you wonder why it didn't cross his mind to leave the hat at home, or at least in the locker room. It is interesting that Morris chose to continue wearing the hat even with the wording bleeped. Could it be due to some advertising deal with the company that makes these hats?

Morris has had his share of infamous moments during his NBA career, and this just adds to the list.


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