Super Bowl Ad Preview: Workday "Rock Star" features Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley

Ozzy Osbourne makes appearance in Workday Super Bowl LVII ad
Rrock stars Ozzy Osbourne and Paul Stanley (lead singer of the legendary rock band Kiss) are starring in a new Workday commercial that will air during Super Bowl LVII this Sunday. The ad also features Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and Gary Clark Jr.

This year, companies are paying $7 million for 30-second ads during Sunday's airing of the Super Bowl on FOX. The Workday commercial is a full 60 seconds, so they paid $14 million. On top of that, they had to pay these rock stars, because they don't appear for free.

The premise of this ad is the rock legends complaining about "corporate types" calling themselves "rock stars":

Ozzy Osbourne earns the laughs in this one: "I've done my share of bad things. Also your share of bad things." He later appears as the "new guy" in the corporate office. Quite the sight to see.

Commercials are a nice way for athletes to make some extra money, so more power to these rock stars for still cashing in after all these years.


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