Taylor Moore throws driver after bad tee shot at PGA Championship (Video)

Taylor moore throws driver after bad tee shot, PGA Championship, 5/20/2023
American pro golfer Taylor Moore tossed his driver in exasperation after a bad tee shot during Saturday's third round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club.

It happened on the 16th hole as Moore's drive off the tee drifted to the right and landed in the rough behind the spectators. As the camera panned back to Moore, he picked up his driver and threw it into the grounds with two hands.

Interestingly enough, the driver took a strange bounce backwards into the rough on the side of the green. Fortunately there were no spectators in the spot where the driver landed, or someone could have gotten hurt.

Moore is also lucky that his driver was still intact after throwing it, as Brooks Koepka destroyed his driver during a tournament back in 2017 and had to finish the rest of his round without it.

We have seen several frustrated golfers at the PGA Championship this weekend, so Moore is not alone on that front.

Moore ended up saving par on the hole, but he had an extremely disappointing round overall, finishing at 8-over. He hit five bogeys and two double bogeys along the way and is at 11-over for the tournament after three rounds. Needless to say, Moore has virtually no chance to win the tournament, but maybe he can start fresh on Sunday and try to put together a successful round to put Saturday's performance behind him.


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