Reds grounds crew member rescued from 'tarp monster' (Video)

Reds grounds crew member rescued from tarp monster, Dodgers vs. Reds, 5/26/2024

A Cincinnati Reds grounds crew member became trapped under the tarp while it was spread out over the field at the beginning of a rain delay during Sunday's game against the L.A. Dodgers.

It happened at the end of the fifth inning as the Reds held a 4-0 lead. Although we do not have video of the grounds crew member being swallowed up by the tarp as it was being laid out, we do see a senior grounds crew member tracking her down and leading her to safety as she crawled underneath the tarp and found her way out. She got a big cheer from the crowd once she was free from the "tarp monster".

This is not the first time that a Reds grounds crew member has fallen victim to the tarp monster, as we have video of it happening just last year. Looks like the Reds grounds crew needs to update their procedures for laying out the tarp, or they just need more practice.

The game resumed within the hour.


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