Jacob Trouba elbows Evan Rodrigues in head (Video)

Jacob Trouba elbows Evan Rodrigues in head, Rangers vs. Panthers Game 3, 5/26/2024

New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba elbowed Florida Panthers center Evan Rodrigues in the head during Sunday's Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

It happened late in the second period with the Rangers holding a 3-2 lead. Rodrigues was skating with the puck towards the net for a shot on goal when Trouba knocked him to the ice with the elbow to the side of the head.

Trouba is known for his physicality and ability to deliver tremendous hits. This time, however, he went a bit over the line, and accordingly was given a two minute minor for elbowing and two minutes for slashing. The play was reviewed and it was not deemed serious enough to increase the penalty to a major.

Here's another angle of the elbow:

The Panthers were not able to take advantage, however, as the Rangers scored a shorthanded goal on the ensuing power play to increase their lead to 4-2. Rodrigues stayed in the game, however, and had a third period assist on a goal that tied the game at 4-4. However, the Rangers beat the Panthers 5-4 in overtime to take a 2-1 series lead.


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