Coyote runs across NASCAR race track in Portland (Video)

Coyote runs across NASCAR race track, Pacific Office Automation 147, 6/1/2024

A wild coyote risked its life by running across a race track during Saturday's NASCAR Xfiniti Series race in Portland.

As the Pacific Office Automation 147 race at Portland International Raceway was in progress, cameras picked up the coyote running across the grass. The coyote did not seem phased by the cars coming towards it as it ran across the track.

The coyote managed to find an opening in the wall near the stands to leave the track and return to safety.

We have seen many animals interrupt sporting events recently, but this is the first time we have seen an animal on a NASCAR race track. Fortunately, the coyote did not cause any interruptions to the race, and more importantly, the coyote was not hurt.

Ultimately, the race was won by Shane van Gisbergen.


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