BREAKING: Keith Hernandez is very bad at math (Video)

Mets fans wear Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter jerseys, D-backs vs. Mets, 6/1/2024

SNY color commentator Keith Hernandez revealed his poor math skills during Saturday's New York Mets game against Arizona.

As the broadcast returned from a commercial break leading into the bottom of the first, SNY cameras captured two fans wearing Mets jerseys. One was wearing the number 17 for Hernandez, with the other wearing the number 8 for the late Gary Carter. SNY lead broadcaster Gary Cohen pointed it out to Hernandez, which somehow led to him trying to do simple math...

Cohen: "Carter and Hernandez. Two guys who had C's on their chest."
Hernandez: "That's right. That adds up to 15, doesn't it?"
Cohen: "What does?"
Hernandez: "17 and 8."
Cohen: "That's 25."
Hernandez: "25?"

...both laugh hysterically...

Cohen: Wow.

Wow indeed. Is it something with MLB that players are generally bad at math? We see MLB players lose track of outs way too frequently.


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