Luis Campusano takes foul ball in the groin vs. Phillies (Video)

Luis Campusano takes foul ball in groin, Padres vs. Phillies, 6/18/2024

San Diego Padres catcher Luis Campusano took a foul ball in the groin during Tuesday night's game in Philadelphia.

It happened in the bottom of the fourth with one out and a runner on first as the Phillies tried to extend a 1-0 lead. On the 3-2 pitch, Padres starter Michael King threw a 93 mph sinker to Phillies batter Cristian Pache. Campusano was positioned to catch the ball if Pache swung and missed.

Pache did not make solid contact, but he made just enough to redirect the ball into Campusano's crotch.

WARNING: For most men, this video will be painful to watch.

A trainer came out to look at Campusano as he recovered from the foul tip below the belt. We have seen MLB catchers take foul tips to the groin before, and it takes toughness and bravery to play behind the plate.

We are guessing that Campusano was wearing his cup. Not only did he stay in the game, but also hit a 2-run HR in the top of the sixth to give the Padres the lead. Now that's an impressive recovery.


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