JP Crawford, Scott Servais ejected arguing called third strike (Video)

JP Crawford argues with umpire after ejection, Mariners vs. Guardians, 6/19/2024

Seattle Mariners shortstop J.P. Crawford and manager Scott Servais were ejected from Wednesday night's game in Cleveland for arguing a called third strike call.

It happened in the top of the fifth as Crawford was at bat with two outs and a Mariners runner on second as the Guardians led 3-0. On the 0-2 pitch, Guardians starter Tanner Bibbee threw a 94 mph fastball that may have been a bit high. Crawford took the pitch, and home plate umpire Doug Eddings called strike three for the third out to end the inning. Crawford tossed his bat, threw his helmet down and began arguing with Eddings while putting a finger in his face. Eddings wasted no time in tossing him.

Crawford got pretty heated and had to be separated from Eddings by third base coach Manny Acta and Servais, who continued the argument on Crawford's behalf. However, after a few seconds of arguing, Eddings had enough of Servais and tossed him out of the game as well.

We have seen too much of this in MLB lately where a player and manager get ejected for arguing a questionable called third strike. In this case, however, Crawford crossed over the line a bit by getting in the face of Eddings. You can't do that.

It has been that kind of night for the Mariners so far, as the Guardians now lead the Mariners 7-0 in the top of the seventh.


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