Willi Castro tripped by own batting helmet rounding first base (Video)

Willi Castro tripped by own batting helmet, Rays vs. Twins, 6/19/2024

Minnesota Twins second baseman Willi Castro was tripped rounding first base by his own batting helmet during Wednesday night's game against Tampa Bay.

It happened in the bottom of the third with a Twins runner on first and nobody out as the Rays led 1-0. On the 0-1 pitch, Castro hit a ball into right field. As Castro was rounding first base, his helmet fell off the back of his head and clipped him in the back of his right foot just as he was thinking about going for second. He fell into the dirt and had no choice but to retreat, sliding into first safely. Castro then took a moment to lie on his back and catch his breath.

You certainly don't see this happen every day. We have seen MLB players trip over umpires before, but never seen a player trip over a batting helmet, especially not on the basepaths. Looks like the Twins equipment manager needs to check that helmet.

Castro hit a double later in the game and finished 2-for-5, but the Twins lost to the Rays 3-2 in 10 innings.


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