Rafael Fente-Damers qualifies for Olympics, dislocates shoulder celebrating (Video)

Rafael Fente-Damers injures himself celebrating after 100m freestyle, 6/18/2024

A French swimmer went through an emotional roller coaster in a matter of seconds as he qualified for the Olympics and immediately injured himself while celebrating his accomplishment, putting his status in jeopardy.

It happened Tuesday during the French swimming trials as 17-year-old Rafael Fente-Damers finished second in the 100 meter freestyle. Video shows him celebrating by pumping his fist with his right hand, then winding up with his left arm and slapping the water. At that moment, Fente-Damers immediately feels pain in his left shoulder, grimaces in pain and calls for medical attention.

During the medal ceremony, Fente-Damers had his arm in a sling. L'Equipe has reported that he separated his shoulder.

Now that's just terrible luck. We have seen several soccer players injure themselves during goal celebrations over the years, but usually they are doing a crazy spin or backflip that puts themselves at risk. This is a real bummer.

The swimming events at the 2024 Paris Olympics begin July 27, which gives Fente-Damers about five weeks to recover. However, if he is not ready, his career is not over. Fente-Damers will be swimming at the University of Texas starting this fall.


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