Ray Lewis and Arian Foster Swap Jerseys After Ravens Beat Texans (Video)

After the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Houston Texans 20-13 in Sunday's AFC Divisional playoff game, players and coaches met at midfield to shake hands and congratulate each other on a game well played.

However, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and Texans running back Arian Foster took that sportsmanship to the next level by swapping jerseys and signing them for each other after the game.

Lewis told CBS commentator Dan Dierdorf in a postgame interview that "I love [Foster] to death. I love him as a man. I love him as a brother...there's nothing I wouldn't do for him." Classy move by both players.

NFL/CBS video via Sports Grid.

Ray Lewis And Arian Foster Make Like It’s The Other Football, Swap Jerseys
[Sports Grid]
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