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Jan 5, 2012

West Virginia's Darwin Cook Makes 99-Yard Fumble Return For TD (Video)

In the second quarter of the Discover Orange Bowl, Clemson running back Andre Ellington took a handoff from the 3-yard line and appeared to be barreling his way through a pile of players into the end zone. However, before the whistle blew and before anyone realized what was going on, West Virginia defensive back Darwin Cook started running the other way...with the ball.

Cook ran all the way to the end zone for a 99-yard West Virginia touchdown, and the momemtum swing helped carry the Mountaineers to a 70-33 rout of Clemson.

UPDATE: After he made it to the end zone, Cook tackled the Orange Bowl mascot.
UPDATE: After the game, Cook finds out that inside the mascot costume was a girl.

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