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Mar 23, 2012

Jim Boeheim's halftime interview with Lesley Visser ends awkwardly (Video)

Heading into the locker room at halftime of Thursday night's NCAA basketball tournament game between Syracuse and Wisconsin, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim had a quick interview with CBS analyst Lesley Visser. And when we say quick, we mean Boeheim answered Visser's first question and then walked away as she tried to ask a second question, leaving her hanging and trying to cover up the awkward ending. The entire interview lasted less than 20 seconds.

Syracuse went on to win the game 64-63 to advance to the Elite Eight.

NCAA/CBS video via. H/T Cosby Sweaters.


  1. He probably got grossed out looking at Visser's bad face work. I know she had a jogging accident in 1993 but she looked pretty good after that. The work she's had done to look like THAT is beyond disgusting.

  2. Female sports casters don't care about male athlete's feelings when they enter the locker room so hood job Boeheim.


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