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Sep 5, 2012

Brazilian soccer player suffers headache while being helped off field on stretcher (Video)

In a recent second division soccer match from Brazil, America-RN defender Edson Rocha suffered a leg injury and needed a stretcher to help him off the field injury, then ended up with a headache to top it off as he was mishandled by the medical staff while being loaded onto the cart.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

As bad as that looked, it could always be worse. At least he didn't end up with his face in someone's rear end, like this Brazilian junior soccer player. Come to think of it, why are the Brazilian lower divisions having all these issues with stretchers?

H/T 101gg.

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  1. That's a double whammy no one would like. Suing the medical staff aside, I sure hope he has some like a philippine prudential plan to cover all the medical bills he's going to be seeing.


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