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Dec 31, 2012

Alamo Bowl clothed streaker does Heisman pose in end zone (Video)

A fan ran across the field and did a Heisman pose in the end zone before disappearing into the stands during Saturday's Valero Alamo Bowl between the Texas Longhorns and Oregon State Beavers.

Based on the video, Alamodome security was apparently nowhere to be found.  We would hope that this fan was caught before he left the stadium so that his actions do not encourage other fans to follow his lead.  Unfortunately, we may never know the outcome.  Fortunately, the fan was wearing clothes.

DISCLAIMER:  Holdout Sports does not condone this type of behavior, regardless of how harmless it may be.



  1. Seriously!!! NOT ONE guard, officer or security clown around to apprehend this guy? What a complete security failure!! So fortunate this goof ball was just wanting his innocent 10 seconds of fame.

  2. There's no such thing as a "clothed streaker." Streaking is appearing nude in public.


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