Nick Ahmed airmails throw to first base vs. Phillies (Video)

Nick Ahmed toss to first a bit high, Giants vs. Phillies, 5/5/2024

San Francisco Giants shortstop Nick Ahmed had a brutal error during Sunday night's game in Philadelphia with a throw to first that was a bit high...and by a bit, we mean by a mile.

It happened in the bottom of the second with no one on and nobody out with the game still scoreless. Phillies batter Alec Bohm hit a grounder to short that should have been an easy play. However, Ahmed's front foot got caught in the dirt, causing him to stumble as he released the throw. The result was the ball going high the moment it left Ahmed's hand, and it ended up in the netting behind the Phillies dugout.

Unsurprisingly, Ahmed was given an error on the throw, which allowed Bohm to advance to second. Bohm came around to score on an infield single to give the Phillies a 1-0 lead.

We have seen the occasional really wild pitch in MLB, but it is rare that we see throws like this from pro infielders.

Ahmed had a rough night behind the plate as well, finishing the game 0-for-3 with a walk and two strikeouts. The Phillies beat the Giants 5-4.


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