Brett Baty trips, falls over umpire on throw to first vs. Cards (Video)

Brett Baty falls over third base umpire, Mets vs. Cardinals, 5/6/2024

New York Mets third baseman Brett Baty tripped and fell on top of the third base umpire while attempting a throw to first base during Monday night's game in St. Louis

It happened in the bottom of the first with nobody on and nobody out as the Mets held a 1-0 lead. Cardinals leadoff batter Jose Fermin hit a grounder down the third base line. Baty's momentum carried him into foul territory as he chased down the ball and turned to throw. Unfortunately, third base umpire Doug Eddings could not backpedal fast enough to get out of the way. As a result, Baty stepped on Eddings' foot and they both fell backwards in a heap.

Fortunately, both of them were OK. The play was scored an infield single for Fermin.

It is not uncommon for sporting officials to get caught in the middle of a play because they can't get out of the way fast enough when a play comes at them. As much as they try to be ready for anything, sometimes they just get caught flatfooted. Fortunately in this case, no one got hurt.

Ultimately, the Mets got out of the inning without giving up a run, so no harm, no foul. The Mets beat the Cardinals 4-3.


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