Bill Walton plays glockenspiel during Cal blowout (Video)

Bill Walton plays glockenspiel

Bill Walton played a Cal band member's glockenspiel during the final minutes of Thursday night's live broadcast of Pac-12 basketball game against Oregon.

Cal had a comfortable 72-55 lead with 4:51 left in the second half when Walton borrowed the glockenspiel from Cal band member Isaac Lee. Walton played a few notes as an Oregon player was taking foul shots.

Play-by-play man Dave Pasch half-jokingly asked Walton to focus on the game, when Walton reminded Pasch that he had called it a blowout minutes earlier.

Walton also tried on Lee's hat, which had the face of a bear on it and looked like a cake on top of his head. It was an interesting look when combined with Walton's shirt, which as Pasch pointed out looked like "sprinkles".

You never know what you'll get from Walton on any given day. Sometimes he'll be talking about volcanoes, and other times he's checking out cheerleaders. Even when the game is a blowout, Walton always makes things interesting.

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