Chris Kreider lands flying elbow to Elias Pettersson's face

Chris Kreider elbows Elias Pettersson in face

New York Rangers left winger Chris Kreider landed a dirty elbow to the face of Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson during Wednesday night's game.

It happened in the second period as Pettersson was handling the puck in the corner behind the Canucks net. Kreider lined up Pettersson while skating in from the blue line at full speed. Pettersson dished the puck to a teammate just as Kreider came in for the hit. Kreider pulled a backwards spin-o-rama move where he lured Patterson into dodging his left shoulder, then threw the right elbow into Pettersson's face.

Pettersson came off the ice and was left with a bloody nose, but did return to the game. As for Kreider, the officials reviewed the play and gave him a game misconduct. In our opinion, the call on Kreider was well deserved, as that was a dirty play on his part.

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