Taj Gibson ejected for elbowing Andre Drummond in head

Taj Gibson ejected for elbowing Andre Drummond in the head

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Taj Gibson was ejected from Wednesday night's NBA game in Detroit for elbowing Pistons center Andre Drummond in the head.

It happened in the fourth quarter with the Pistons holding a commanding 107-90 lead. Drummond was positioning himself in the lane for a rebound of teammate Ish Smith's short jump shot when Gibson became a bit overzealous in an attempt to box him out with the high elbow. Drummond went down on the floor, and when he got up, he was not happy.

This is not the first time Gibson has shown a disregard for the rules, as he recently tried to block a shot with his shoe.

Drummond tried to go after Gibson, but a lot of people, including teammates of both players and an official, got in between them before anything started.

Here are some more angles of the incident and the aftermath. Lip readers will catch Gibson taunting Drummond and calling him some nasty names which we will not repeat here:

After a review, the officials gave Gibson a flagrant-2 foul, resulting in an automatic ejection. As for Drummond, he finished as the player of the game with 31 points and 15 rebounds as the Pistons beat the Timberwolves 131-115 for their third straight win, which happens to be the longest winning streak in the Eastern Conference.

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