Rob Gronkowski makes first appearance at WWE Smackdown

Rob Gronkowski with Mojo Rawley in first WWE Smackdown appearance 3/20/2020

Retired NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski made his first live appearance on WWE Smackdown Friday night at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

The arena was empty due to the coronavirus, but Gronk was still hyped as ever as he danced his way to the ring after being introduced by his friend Mojo Rawley. His dancing was certainly, umm, interesting.

Gronk was promoting his upcoming gig as host of Wrestlemania 36 on Saturday, April 4th and Sunday April 5th.

To sum up what followed, Gronkowski was rudely interrupted by King Corbin, who came into the ring and demanded that Gronk show him respect by getting down on his knees. Naturally, Gronk refused. Elias came out and sang a song ripping on Corbin. Corbin didn't like the song too much, but seemed to be more angry at Gronkowski for laughing at him. After getting in Gronk's face, Rawley snuck in behind Corbin and Gronk pushed Corbin over on his back.

Corbin tried to retaliate, but then Elias entered the ring, attacking him and tossing Corbin out of the ring.

Gronk said that he would advocate for a match between King Corbin and Elias at Wrestlemania. We shall see.
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