Nathan Eovaldi switches jerseys midgame vs. Yankees

Nathan Eovaldi changes jerseys Red Sox vs Yankees 6/4/2021

Boston Red Sox starter Nathan Eovaldi switched jerseys in the middle of Friday night's game in the Bronx against the New York Yankees. 

It happened in the bottom of the fifth inning as Eovaldi came out to the mound wearing the special Red Sox Memorial Day jersey featuring a patch of a flower with the phrase "Lest We Forget". He started the game with the standard Red Sox jersey. It did not go unnoticed by television commentators.


What makes this even more curious is that it is not the first time that Eovaldi has changed jerseys midgame. The last time it happened (last July), it was a wardrobe accident that was even more noticeable since he pitched wearing a teammate's jersey.  This time around, it seemed to be an intentional uniform top change, and fortunately it had the right name on the back.

The jersey switch didn't seem to have a negative effect on Eovaldi, as he only gave up one earned run in six innings while striking out seven as he earned the 5-2 victory. 

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