Why Choosing The Right Cricket Shoe Matters

Cricket is a game of patience, and choosing the right gear is important. You can’t imagine performing your best if you are on the field with improper shoes, bats, or pads. Your cricket shoes are really important considering that, on average, a cricket player has to run around 2-5 kilometers during a cricket match. The conditions on the ground are different from a jogging track or your local park.  Wearing your jogging shoes for cricket games is not helpful, right?  Keep reading to find out the benefits of wearing the right cricket shoes.

Rubber vs. Spikes

The major shoe material choice is between rubber sole shoes or shoes with spikes. You can rock a pair of rubber sole shoes if you are going to play on turf. However, in professional games, when you have to play on the grass, there is no benefit of wearing rubber sole shoes. Spikes are perfect for increased grip and support for your legs. Running with a pair of spike shoes is both comfortable and appropriate for a game. To choose the best spike or rubber shoes, you have to check out the best cricket stores in Australia.

Comfort Over Everything

When it comes to cricket shoes, remember that comfort means everything. Running is an integral part of any cricket game. Imagine wearing too tight or loose shoes for your feet - it wouldn’t feel comfortable, right? Your shoe choice is as important as learning the proper cricket techniques. There are plenty of spike shoe choices in the market, but not all of them are perfect for every cricketer out there. Go out in the market, visit different stores, and choose the shoes that are the best fit for you.

Don't Develop Corns

You can get corns and painful calluses on your feet with improper shoes. The pressure points on your feet are sensitive and can get hurt during the game. Your choice of a perfect pair of shoes helps to prevent problems during and after a cricket game. The shoe requirements are different for batsmen and bowlers during a game. Bowlers need shoes with spikes all over the sole, but for batsmen, shoes with a rubber sole at the back and spikes at the front are the best choice.

Proper Posture

Maintaining your posture throughout the game is important for every cricketer. You can only stand the right way and run if your shoes meet your needs. Fast bowlers need shoes with spikes that help them run faster, have a grip on the ground, and enjoy a good time playing the game. Imagine a bowler with improper shoes - it would be a nightmare for them to even run on the ground. The same is true for the batsmen.

Blood Circulation

Most cricketers know the importance of hydration and a proper diet for proper blood circulation during a game. But few people think about shoes and blood circulation. Picking the right pair of shoes can help you maintain regular blood circulation. On the other hand, wearing shoes that are too tight can limit your blood circulation and make you underperform during a game.

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