Bill Walton calls NCAA Transfer Portal the 'Tinder Portal'

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Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton referred to the NCAA Transfer Portal as the "Tinder Portal" during Thursday night's ESPN college basketball broadcast of the Oregon-UCLA game. 

Walton provides color commentary for a series of Pac-12 games on ESPN, and you never quite know what he's going to say. Walton was making the point as to how things have worked out for UCLA center Myles Johnson, a redshirt senior who transferred from Rutgers for the opportunity to be a shot blocker. However, play-by-play man Dave Pasch couldn't help but notice that Walton called the Transfer Portal the "Tinder Portal".
Pasch: "You mean the Transfer Portal? You called it the Tinder Portal."
Walton: "Tinder portal, yeah. That's what it is."
Pasch: "You're saying the Transfer Portal is like Tinder? You swipe right or left to get a player?"
Imagine if the transfer portal really worked like Tinder with athletes matching themselves with schools and vice versa. That would be something. 

As for Walton, whether it involves talking about volcanoes, biting into cupcakes with lit candles, or taking poorly timed bathroom breaks, it's always hilarious, and Pasch is along for the ride. 

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