Bill Walton takes bathroom break before Arizona State-Oregon OT

Bill Walton returns from overtime during Arizona State-Oregon OT

Arizona State and Oregon went into overtime in Friday night's Pac-12 men's basketball tournament semifinal game, but ESPN college basketball analyst Bill Walton couldn't wait that long to take a bathroom break.

Since the break between the end of regulation and the start of overtime is not that long, ESPN play-by-play man Dave Pasch was left by himself for a few seconds at the overtime tip-off.

Pasch is all too familar with Walton's quirky behavior, so he couldn't help making light of the ill-timed trip to the restroom:
"Hopefully Bill will be back...I'm sure some of you at home are perhaps hoping that he doesn't come back for overtime."

Walton returned to his spot about 10 seconds of the start of overtime, just in time to add some color commentary to a monster slam dunk by Oregon:

With a slight lull in the action as Oregon State brought the ball up the floor and set up their offense, it led to this hilarious exchange:
Pasch: "Welcome back."
Walton: "I love overtime...That was the fastest commercial break ever."
Pasch: "It's not halftime. There's only like a 30-second break. Hold it in!"

Oregon won the game 79-75 to advance to the tournament final against Washington. Hopefully Walton will take more advantage of the halftime break.

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