Glen 'Big Baby' Davis busted stealing front row seat at Celtics game

Glen Big Baby Davis busted stealing front row seat, Nets vs Celtics, 3/6/2022
Retired pro basketball player Glen Davis, a.k.a. "Big Baby", was caught on live television getting kicked out of someone else's courtside seat during Sunday's Boston Celtics game against Brooklyn. 

It happened with exactly two minutes left in the third quarter as the Celtics held an 87-81 lead. ESPN cameras were highlighting "Big Baby" Davis in the front row with a graphic highlighting that he was a member of the 2008 NBA Champion Celtics team. It was at that very moment that a fan notified Davis that he was sitting in the wrong seat. Talk about bad timing for Davis. Getting caught in another person's seat at a sporting event is embarrassing enough for anyone.  However, for a former Celtics player in his former home arena to have the moment captured on national TV, it had to feel even more awkward.  For the rest of us, however, it is still pretty funny to watch.  It might take a while for Davis to live this one down.

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