Turkey wanders onto field, interrupts Triple-A baseball game

Turkey wanders onto field, Buffalo vs. Iowa, Triple-A baseball, 4/6/2022

In Triple-A minor league baseball action, Wednesday's International League game between the Buffalo Bisons and visiting Iowa Cubs was briefly interrupted when a turkey wandered onto the field. 

The turkey somehow found its way onto the grass in left-center field, causing a brief delay to the start of the second inning as it wandered around. It provided some entertainment for fans as the turkey was featured on the scoreboard as cameras followed it around the field. 

This was certainly an unusual sight, especially since Sahlen Field is in downtown Buffalo.

We have video of the turkey on the warning track of the outfield. Unfortunately we do not have footage of the turkey leaving the field, but we are curious how it did. We see no security personnel approaching the turkey, so we would guess that it left on its own, but we cannot confirm.

Here at Holdout Sports, we have seen animals interrupting baseball games before, including cats and squirrels, but a turkey on the field is something new. 

Eventually play resumed, and the Bisons lost to the Cubs 8-4, so it is safe to say the turkey did not bring good luck to the home team.
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